Spawned From A Nightmare


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In May of 2014, MURSIC released their new album "Spawned From A Nightmare". A 10 song album recorded over the past 4 years involving multiple musicians and instruments, produced and recorded independently by Anthony Montemarano and Brian Rumsey.

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MURSIC "Spawned from a Nightmare"
by Dave Good

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A nonstop symphonic alt-metal ride from start to finish that displays a remarkable amount of instrumental craftsmanship. "Spawned from a Nightmare" is a concept album that takes a listener on a strange and dark journey through the collective imaginations of the band members of Mursic itself. Four years in the making, this debut is one of the few records I've ever heard that comes without flaws. It is haunting, well conceived, and destined for the gravitational pull of the larger stages that surely await this band.

"Nightmare" is reminiscent of Zakk Wylde - era Oz, King Crimson, Rob Zombie, and the Doors. Yep - those Doors. "Nova" is a clearly a salute to the L.A. rocker's vaudeville-ish "Alabama Song." On vocals and keys, MURSIC founder Tony Montemarano approaches the range of Cedric Bixler-Zavala but with the intelligent conviction of Faith No More's Mike Patton. With Brian Rumsey on guitar, bassist Ezra Broderson, and Clay Hackett on drums and percussion, MURSIC is the kind of band that crosses the prog rock divide and makes it possible to love both Yes and Rush at the same time.

It was Clay Hackett in fact who first brought MURSIC to my attention. He'd just left The Suicide Chords | San Diego, CA an all-original romance-metal outfit. The Chords had imploded a few weeks prior. We met in a La Mesa coffee shop in the village, and Hackett played me a couple of MURSIC demos on his iPad. He'd just auditioned for the band and they'd accepted him. He talked up the whole MURSIC concept that day, not just in terms of sound, but in terms of a something approaching a haunted house set and costumes. Refreshing, I told him. I have a real aversion to paying money to see any band that is dressed, well, like the audience.

"But that name," I said. "If you say MURSIC really fast, it kind of sounds like the name of that flesh-eating bacteria."

"Exactly," Hackett said. "Exactly."

- by Dave Good

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released May 29, 2014

All original songs by Anthony Montemarano
Produced by Anthony Montemarano and Brian Rumsey
Recored and Mixed by Brian Rumsey Audio
Mastering by Zen Mastering


Musicians on the album:

Anthony Montemarano - Lead and Backup Vocals / Piano and Synthesizers

Brian Rumsey - Drums / Bass / Guitar / Backing Vocals

Mike Montemarano - Keys / Backing Vocals

Reece Miller - Accordion

Andre Beller - Contra Bass / Viola / Violin

Album Artwork Credits:

Photography and Lighting by: Cindil Ashley Photography
Models: Anthony Montemarano, Brian Rumsey and Alexander Ward
Concept, Composition Art & Photoshop Work: Anthony Montemarano & Cindil Ashley
Makeup Collaboration: Sarah Sprole & Anthony Montemarano
Jewlery and Leg Pack: Jungle Tribe & Ashley Pagliuso

Also thanks to:
Ryder Makeup Labs


all rights reserved



MURSIC Los Angeles, California

Theatrical Symphonic Rock

Based out of Los Angeles and San Diego since 2003.

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Track Name: Spawned From A Nightmare
Dreamer, drift through the night
Let the darkness take you
Leave the pain behind
Beauty spawned from a nightmare

Slipping through the threads of steel
Tell me why it feels so real
Awake to find I should have died
Yet here I lay, all alone and alive

A life beyond the cold control
Slice your restraints and imagine
Ambitious sparks ablaze
Beauty spawned from a nightmare

Lost inside, I feel alone
Circling I am the crow
Arise to find new frame of mind
The future shines in the eyes of the dreamer
Track Name: Shock The Monster
Taken away from me
The breath that I need when I need to scream
A chill, I trip, what can this be?
The dark floating figure in front of me

Is it Horror?!
I feel like something’s out to get me!
Oh God!
As they watch and they wait for me
Lights out!
Where there’s darkness, they see everything
I’m losing control

Feed me the fear alive
Shock the monster - lightning strikes
The nightmare is mutating
Face the mirror
Inside me is the Horror

Shackled and stitched at the neck
My body bleeds out electricity
Pieces and parts to construct me a heart
I need to feel, I need to scream

As is; nothings what it seems
Oh God!
The ground beneath me shakes and dissipates
Lights Out!
It burns my eyes more than my flesh
I’m losing control

Feed me the fear alive
Shock the monster - lightning strikes
The nightmare is mutating
Face the mirror

Feed me the fear alive
Shock the monster - lightning strikes
The nightmare is mutating
Face the mirror
The creature must be me
Track Name: Nova
Leap from planet to star
Escape the state at you which you exist
There’s infinite time to waste
Slip and you will fail yourself

Drift from the sun, milk your way away from them

The habit’s a hole
It’s black, never-ending and cold
It’ll suck you in at the speed that you inhale
Gravity takes a hold

Lonely but still holding on, but something’s wrong
You cling to the edge to carry on, so don’t let go

Ascend; get back on the ring
Saturn has so many to see
One for each memory
They’ll spin you around again

Wake me before I dwarf into a nebula
Fear lies beyond the outer rim of the universe

The blackness of the infinite distorts the vortex out of view
It’s through the wormhole we must pass
To find the future waiting to be sliced
Into a parallel time, I find the grains of sand
Fall through the glass into my hands
And I am left here all alone to float through the void
A nova forms a new approach
Look to the stars
Solace waits
So just let go
Track Name: Down Came The Sky
The sky is falling, it hits my head
Is this a dream or am I dead?
I have lost me, somewhere in the street
Kicking cans and chicken bones, clouds hit my feet.

The hen, she cackled out the truth
My kingdom come, I’m still the fox
But I’ve nothing for my roof
The trees are cracking, the air’s abstracting
The bushes from the beasts
Where now do you see me?

Laid on a slate for the crows to pick at
Don’t forget my soul
I’m dissolving, and the sky is falling all around me
Am I dreaming? I must be losing my mind

So now wherever will my children go?
Tumbling out to see
The world around them is a leaf
Of a page that has been erased
Is it rain that falls and bites my tongue?
Or liquid in my lungs
Or the sweat of sun melting stone
In the street beneath my nimble bones

How the hell did I sink so low?
Seeping through the sea
The world around me is a dream
That repeats as if made for me
Is it salt that cracks and stings my lips
Or splinters left from the crow
The dunes of sand break my fall
Though they won’t save me from it all

Beyond the grave, her friends are waiting
To skin me down to earth
I’m still craving, the taste of feathers that take me to the gates
Please forgive me, I’m just a fox stuck inside a hole.

Flee now for your life
The boatman comes
Step the stones of purgatory
You must save yourself.
Track Name: Black Forest
Forever I walk through the Black Forest
Where the trees are without leaves
The ground is made of mirrors and all else is ash
Track Name: Elves On X
Little elves on ecstasy
Dancing in blue beams of light
Listen to their song of night
It’ll surely make you scream of fright
Possessed in the head from injected led
Drags along their curiosity
Of death and hate and sex and fame
All it brings is pints of pain

The light from beneath, seeped up through the trees
And made the leaves bleed green
Which made the fairies scream

That new blood, that same light
Fused as one to spawn the Elves of Night
Shy and queer they seem to appear
The elves of night were spawned to fright
Their home, their layer, the cold black forest
Where night after night it seems to grow scarier
Illusions stream up stairs to nowhere
Cover your eyes and say a prayer

Their needles of steel, stitching thread so tight
To skin covered stone, bringing statues life

Make believe there’s no harmony
And their eyes will hypnotize your soul
Track Name: Lost In A Dream
Time flies, what makes you feel alive?
Moving through the mundane
You go day to day, the faces all look the same
Time to find a new way

Lost in a dream that builds up inside
Break down the walls raise your eyes to the sky
Follow the feeling that gives you control
Rise from the rock and continue to roll

Don’t look away, you’ve got to believe in me
Lose your fear to the sea
Turn your head to the wind to find where it all begins
Grab the wheel and set sail
Let go of all that you think you know and the path will unveil
To the ends of the earth, kneel down dig into the dirt
And you will find a way

Lost in a dream that builds up inside
Break down the walls raise your eyes to the sky
Follow the feeling that gives you control
Rise from the rock and continue to roll

Lost in a dream that builds up inside
Break down the walls raise your eyes to the sky
Follow the feeling that gives you control
Rise from the rock and continue to roll
Track Name: The Twisted Spire
Move through the mystery
I’m ascending, atop I see a light
But it fades into the night
Slippin’ through the threads of time
I reach for a memory
But it leaves me
A twisted step ahead
Beware of where you tread

As I flee from the nightmare that chased me through the fire
I trudge from the mire to reach the twisted spire alone

Anfractus turbinis per andron animaverto chai
(Bend, spiral through corridors to turn the mind to chaos)

Untus, adscendi, per anima adveni ante apex
(Rise, ascend through the soul to arrive at the presence of the point)

Where does it lead to? I’m intrigued to follow the steps
That descend from above; atop waits the answer
Yet, as I climb I wonder why I can’t see the end
For I stand where I began

As I flee to be free
And I fight for the sight
Of a light at the end of this corridor
I trudge and I fall
To recall what I saw
In this life as I strive for the answer to it all